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Best Facial Steamer

Whether you are in a city side or country side, when you get out of your home you have to experience pollution. The air contains some extra particles, when it reaches your face it leaves some minute dust particle and there are high chances for blocking your skin pores.

Using ordinary soap or face wash can’t get rid of this minute particle, you have to face this problem every day as you can’t go for spa daily. If you want to avoid this problem the best solution is to expose your skin to steam.

The main cause of acne is clogged pores, especially for oily skins. The steam opens your skin pores every day deep-down pollutants, oils, and other dirt to the surface of your skin, and then you can wash it. For steaming you have to heat some water in the vessel, but it is difficult to do in all the places.

Do you want to know how to solve this problem? It’s very simple. For steaming, the facial steamer is available in the market which is quite easy and simpler to use.

This facial steamer is mainly for opening pores and increasing circulations, you can find these facial steamers in salons and spas, but you can get and use it by yourself. The regular use of facial steamer increases skin texture and rejuvenate dull skin.

Benefits of Facial Steamer

This is one of the beneficial beauty treatments and you can use this for multiple purposes. The facial steamer improves skin health and has more number of benefits, few of them are given below.

Increase in Circulation

When the temperature increases, your body initiates thermoregulation and provides response. In order to provide response, the body supplies blood and deliver more oxygen to the tissues.

Increase in Perspiration

If the temperature increases, your skin will undergo perspiration and this is about 99 percentage of water. Thus perspiration lifts all the dirt and dead cells to the surface of the skin and you can remove it easily.

Sebum Expression

Though your hair follicle sebaceous gland produces oil glands, this will sometime block the skin pores and thus leads to formation of blackheads. Regular using of face steam softens the skin and it will regulate the oil flow.


As people ages, the circulation in the skin reduces and doesn’t shed dead cells regularly. Using face steamer, you can reduce skin aging and it also tightens your skin.

Here is YouTube video that illustrating the details about Best Facial Steamers.

10 Best Facial Steamers

In order to choose the right product which is suitable for the customers, we consulted top professionals and then we picked 10 best facial steamers from the manufacturers which have high positive reviews from the customers.

1. Spa- Quality Facial Steamer from Panasonic

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Do you want to get quality treatment like spa within home? Then you have to get this product EH-SA31VP nano facial steamer from Panasonic. This nano technology produces ultra fine steam to increase your skin moisture, this product is compact and so you can use this in all the places.

The procedure for starting this product is very simple, if you push the button it will generate fine waves of steam and the steam particle is 4000 times smaller than the steam from normal steamer. You can spend just six minutes with facial steamer from Panasonic to get excellent result.

If you use this product daily then you will get natural looking complexion and healthy skin. Some steamer takes more time to penetrate through the skin, but this fast steamer will produce nano steams which will make your skin pores open and penetration takes places within a minute.

The design of this product is simple, comprising small white vessel at the bottom and the steam portal present at the top, this product fit to any interior like bathroom, dressing table or makeup table. While considering facial steamer the important thing you have to notice is amount of steam discharge in one minute to get the result quickly. The product from Panasonic is discharging 6 ml steam per minute and this is helpful for deep penetration.

Another thing you need to know is steam temperature it should not too high or too low, and this facial steamer is liberating steam in 104 degree Fahrenheit or 40 Celsius which is perfect for intensive cleaning. The average weight of this product is 24.6 ounces and the height is 8.7 inches, this product comes with white colour and ideal for home, spa and salon. If you want to get salon like experience during your busy schedule then get this product.

2. Professional Facial Steamer from Icarus “Jocasta”

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If you are looking for a professional facial steamer for your spa or salon, then is the best choice for you. Finding a professional facial steamer is difficult as there are many types of steamers available in the market.

The best professional facial steamer that has grabbed a lot of positive customer feedback is the Professional salon spa facial steamer with ozone from Icarus “Jocasta”. This product is best for cleansing the screen deeply and makes you feel fresh, this product provides oxygen ionic vapors which are helpful for sterilizing.

The ozone steamer uses internal ultra violet light for boiling process and produces steam, this ozone steam is useful for increasing skin metabolism, easy blood circulation and purifies your skin. In this product, the steamer will work effectively without ozone functioning, so that you can use oil steamer for different skin types such as normal skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin. This steamer has two buttons one for activating the power and another one for activating ozone.

This steamer has two buttons one for activating the power and another one for activating ozone. The interesting feature is if the water level gets low then it will shut-off automatically. Moreover, it has twistable arms and you can twist it in all the directions.

The capacity of the jar is 36 oz and run up to 30 minutes, it is made up of the wheeled base and you can set this steamer nearest to any chair or bed. The overall height of the product is 47 inches and the steamer arm size is 16 inches.

If you want to buy facial steamer with ozone facilities then the product from Icarus “Jocasta” is the best one, this ozone steamer will make you look fresh and young.

3. Three in one warm mist facial steamer from Krasr

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This is one of the best facial steamers available in the market and you can get three in one facial treatments. The three in one warm mist facial steamer from Krasr is best for skin moisturizing and to clear the black heads. The best part of this steamer is this is mainly for performing three main functions such as nano steam, black head extractor and humidity controller. This is also known as nano ionic facial steamer.

This nano steams are produced by ultra sonic vaporizer through the negatively charged particle. Using nano ionic facial steamer you will get much better result than normal steamer because nano steamer penetrates skin ten times faster than a normal steamer. This steamer helps you to remove deep black heads easily and allows beauty creams to penetrate deeply.

Apart from that, it improves blood circulation and oxygen absorption. This product includes nano ionic facial steaming machine, water pouring cup, power cord and user manual. In addition to this, the nano ionic facial steamer consist of five surgical stainless steels such as eye hole, angled, needle, oval and flat wire. The steam reservoir is large and the steaming time is 20 minutes.

This is one of the quick start steamers and produces steam within 30 seconds. It works silently and generates micro fine particle for effective penetration. It opens the skin pores and removes dirt, oil, makeup and dead cells. You can use this both for the steamer and for the direct skin treatments. This product is compact and available in white color.

This product is best for long running time with 70 ml water tank. If the facial steamer from Krasr does not satisfy your needs then you can return this product within 30 days with full refunds. With no doubt, you can get this, if you want to buy facial steamer with five pieces stainless steel skin kit.

4. Nano Care Facial Steamer from Secura

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Another best nano ionic steamer is Nano care facial steamer from secura. It generally produces super fine nano particles and the skin absorbs this particle easily. You can use this facial steamer for your skin rather than using scrubs and chemical peels. When you use for the first time you will feel plastic odor and then get eliminated after two to three times of use.

It generates the steams quickly, you don’t need to worry about storage as it is compact in size and occupies less space. This product is available in the shade of white with pink. Apart from using this as your beauty tool, you can use this product for treating sinus problem.

You will feel hydrated and improvement in the skin complexions after the regular usage, this product produces steam quickly and it is very powerful for removing dirt from your skin. The maintenance of this product is easy and this product is cheaper than many products available in the market.

The average weight of this product is 2.4 pounds. This product includes a user manual and the manufacturer provides one year warranty.

5. Facial Steamer Nano Ionic 90 ml Face Sauna Spray Hot Mist Humidifier from Spaire

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One of the best products available in the market with Nano Atomization technology is Nano ionic 90 ml facial steamer from Spaire. Using this nano automation technology, it will generate nano steams automatically and thus improves opening of skin spores. The difference between the ordinary steamer and nano steamer is, in ordinary steamer steam condenses on your skin, whereas in the nano steamers, the steams are absorbed by the skin quickly.

The additional features of this product are, it will turn off the steam automatically after 15 minutes or if the water level is low, thus it ensures your security and it adopts anti dry design. The capacity of the water tank is 90 ml and it is enough to get good streaming.

Moreover, the one best feature is the steam nozzle and you can adjust this characteristic based on your needs, when you open the nozzle the steam will flow on your face and if you don’t want then, you can close the nozzle. The button design is very stylish, a blue light glows when you switch on the steamer and a red light glows when you switch off.

This product includes nano ion facial steamer, user manual, and the manufacturer is providing a guarantee for 24 months. Read the manual clearly and follow the steps carefully for the optimal performance, this product produces hot mist steam and the temperature of the steam produced is about 40 degree.

This steam temperature is helpful for cleaning your skin effectively, this product produces steam like spray which directly puts steam on your face and penetrates your skin easily. It will emit spray for about 40 seconds and therefore saves your time.

If you want to get the steamer with nano ionic facilities and need to control the steam flow then you must buy this product from spaire.

6. Nano Ionic Facial Steamer from Kinga

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The next important product we are going to see is Nano Ionic Hot Mist Moisturizer Facial Steamer from Kinga. If you want to get ten years younger face then you need to use this facial steamer at least for 10 minutes. The three main features of this product are nano steam for moisturizing, hot steam for opening pores and the ultra light characteristics for the sterilization.

The additional feature of this particle is ultra sonic vaporizer and this ionic steamer produces nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles. This nano steam with the ionic particle is helpful for increasing the penetration speed of the steam and also promotes collagen regeneration & the nutrients absorption of the skin. The time taken to generate steam is less than 30 seconds and it produces fine micro waves of steam for long period of time.

If you pour some distilled water in the water tank, it produces steam in the form of mist, you can use this product in any weather and it removes dirt and open the skin pores quickly. The procedure for using this product is, first you need to fill the water tank with clean water then place the tank back to the steamer body, the next step is to connect the plug to the power outlet and turn on the facial steamer to get micro waves of steam.

This product contains facial steamer, five pieces stainless steel skin care kit and user manual. The product frequency is 60 Hz and works with 280-watt power. This product produces steam in 104 degrees Fahrenheit and full tank water produces steam for 8 to 10 minutes.

The average weight of this product is 1.6 pounds. If you want to experience facial steam with hot mist moisturizing then this product is the perfect one.

7. Facial Steamer with Timer from Conair

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This best product available in the product for producing warm steam to open the skin pores is a Facial steamer with timer from Conair, you can get true glow with the help of warm steam and the cold mist produces from this product. The warm steam is mainly for opening the pores and the cold mist is for closing the pores.

The additional feature of this product is that it consists of two chambers, one for producing warm steam and another one for generating cold mist. The procedure for using this product is, fill the water tank until the maximum fill line and open the lid of the warm steam chamber. When you need to use the cold mist then open the lid of cold mist chamber and make sure you have closed the warm mist chamber.

Moreover, you can set the timer for 3, 6, 9, 12 or 15 minutes for warm facial steaming then the steamer shuts off automatically. After the warm facial steaming, you can get cold mist treatment by switching to the cool mode and you can set timer same as that of warm mode. The additional feature is that the steamers get shut off automatically if the water level gets low or the set time expires. To get the best result, after the steaming you need to pat face dry with the cloth and apply your favorite moisturizer.

The versality of this product is that it comes with two cones, the large cone is 6 ¾ inches which accommodates face, chin and neck. The smaller cone is 3 ½ inches so that it directs to the particular portion of the face. This includes facial cleansing brush for cleaning dirt, dead cells and pollutants. This product is available with the shade of blue with cream colour or pink with cream colour and the average weight of the product is 2.5 pounds.

If you want to get a product with two features like warm steam and the cold mist then this product is the best choice for you.

8. Nano Ionic Facial Steamer with Temperature Control from Pure Daily Care

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In order to improve your skin health with long time running steamer, then the best product is Nano ionic facial steamer with temperature control from pure daily care. The best part of the nano ionic steamer is the production of fine waves of nano steams with negatively charged ionic particles through ultra sonic vaporizer. The nano ionic waves penetrate the skin deeper when compared to the normal steam.

The three additional feature of this product are, it act as a facial steamer, humidifier and the extra chamber for warming towels. This power humidifier is useful to keep your large room moist, this product includes nano steamer, water pouring cup, five piece surgical stainless steel kit, power cord and the user manual. It contains large water tank with the capacity of 200ml and the working time of the steamer is about 30 minutes.

The average weight of this product is 2.6 pound and the colour of the product is white with blue. This amazing tool increases your skin health and reduces black heads.

9. The two step Facial Steamer from Revlon

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If you want to get steaming from your home rather than going spa and spending hundreds of dollars for steaming, then the facial steamer from Revlon is suitable for you. After using this two step facial steamer you can feel fresh and young appearance in your face. It consists of two cones, one for facial treatment and another one is for nasal treatments.

This product includes facial steamer, measuring cup and the user manual, the colour of the product is available in the shade of white with pink colour and the average weight of the product is 1.9 pounds. The temperature of the steam is constant.

The two types of cones are facial cone and nasal cone, the facial cones is useful for opening skin pores and for smoothening the skin. The nasal cone is useful for cleaning nasal passage with the help of this therapeutic steam, we recommend this product for getting two step facial steaming.

10. True Glow Facial Steamer from Conair

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If you want to improve your skin health then the perfect product available in the market is True glow moisturizing mist facial steamer from Conair. This product moisturizes skin with mist facial steam and it is good for cleaning the skin effectively. This product is designed for three step approach such as opening pores, deep cleansing and moisturizing.

The two types of cones are facial and the nasal cone. Moreover, it includes conair facial brush for cleaning the skin deeply and it works with AA batteries. You can get this product along with the facial cleansing brush for exfoliating the skin and there is a sponge attached to the brush for applying moisturizer. The average weight of the product is 2.4 pounds and the colour of the product is vailable inthe shade of pink with cream colour.

You can set the timer in seven different setting and after that the steamer will get shut off automatically. If you want get best facial steaming then true glow facial steamer from conair is the suitable product for you.

Few Tips

  • Cover your eyes with cotton pads
  • Protect your lips with lip balm
  • Avoid using essential oils.
  • Fill the jar with required amount of water
  • Clean the steamer regularly
  • Keep your face at the distance of 20 cm to the nozzle
  • To remove plastic smell, add few drops of lemonade to the water tank and then run the steamer.

Bottom Line

Hope you have found the best facial steamers for your home, spa or salon from the above guide and products, you must choose your product based on the needs and perceptiveness.

Have you used any of the above facial steamers? If so, share us your experience.

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