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Eating With Bonded Front Teeth Can Be Difficult to Do While You Have Dental Braces



Dental Care

One of the most difficult things for many people to do is to eat properly while wearing dental braces. Even though you can eat the same foods that you would normally eat, the fact that your teeth have been wired in such a way that they cannot be used to take bites or suck on food is enough of a barrier that can make it impossible to do so.

While you can still chew your food, the food that gets down your front teeth and into your stomach will come out crooked and not quite the way that it should. This is because you have to have your hands at the back of your mouth in order to grab your food with your jaws and turn it around before you swallow. While this sounds easy enough, many people find that their mouths become very uncomfortable and irritated after eating because of how their teeth are so cramped up and they simply cannot move their mouths the way that they would normally when they were chewing the food.

While many people believe that their teeth have become too damaged to eat well, they do not understand just how severe this can actually become. Even if you can swallow it with ease, there is a good chance that your food will end up in your stomach instead of being swallowed and it will then end up in your large intestine where the digestion process takes place.

This small amount of digestion that occurs within your large intestine is what causes all of the problems that you feel when you are eating without dental braces. Because of how your digestive system is being blocked off from what is supposed to go in your stomach, you are not getting the vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to function properly and be healthy. Without the proper amount of digestive enzymes that are essential for this process, you are not only depriving your body of a large part of the foods that are supposed to be going into your stomach, but you are also causing yourself a huge amount of discomfort because of how your stomach can not properly digest your food.

You are also putting your teeth at risk. By not being able to use your front teeth to properly chew and swallow your food, you are putting your tooth and gums at risk. There is a possibility that your gums will end up hurting and bleeding because your food is not being properly digested in your stomach and the result is a potentially painful ulcer.

When you wear dental braces, you will have to use all of your front teeth to properly hold the wires, clips, braces and other devices in your mouth. This will not only limit your ability to eat properly, but it will also cause your jaw and your teeth to hurt and bleed if you are not careful when you are eating.

Dental appliances like braces can cause a lot of pain when you are eating and drinking while you are wearing them. This pain is often temporary and can even be caused by you spitting up or swallowing food.

You do not need to worry about eating or drinking while you have your teeth wired in such a manner. However, it is still important that you are able to use your front teeth to get your food into your mouth properly so that you can have a full feeling and taste it without having to spit the food out or swallow it. If you have a tendency to spit out your food because of the pain that you feel in your throat or because of the pain in your mouth after eating, then you may want to consider getting a mouth guard or using a splint that is specifically designed to help with this type of problem.

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