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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes for Men [INFOGRAPHIC]



Are you tired of looking tired?

Do you want to get rid of those pesky dark circles under eyes fast?

Well, you’re in luck because today I’m going to share with you several effective methods you can use to fight and fade those pesky dark circles under your eyes.

Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes for Men

Here’s why these methods are effective in combating dark circles under eyes.

Exfoliation and Moisturizer Go Hand-In Hand

The truth is sometimes the simplest methods are the most effective.

In order to make way for new more healthy and vibrant skin cells to come out on top, you must practice exfoliating your skin twice weekly.

When you exfoliate your skin you remove the top “dead” layer of skin cells at the surface and allow the more youthful and healthy skin cells underneath to come out on top.

Doing so will drastically boost your appearance in a matter of weeks if not days.

Believe it or not, but It turns out that the thinnest skin on your body is found directly beneath your eyes!

By exfoliating the skin underneath your eyes, you cause it to thicken over time.

Doing so boosts your skin’s ability to reflect light and even helps to hide the color of blood underneath the skin.

This is great news for those combating dark circles.

Of course, always makes sure to follow exfoliation up with a healthy dab of moisturizer.

Your skin is incredibly delicate and “thirsty” after exfoliation and by applying a healthy amount of moisturizer on top you allow it to restore moisture on top.

A great tip is to find and use a moisturizer that already contains an SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

All you really need to know about SPF is that the higher the number the better.

Try to find a moisturizer that contains an SPF of at least 30 or higher.

Doing so will help your skin to combat and deflect the negative effects of the sun’s harmful UV (ultraviolet) rays.

While exfoliation should ideally be practiced no more than twice a week, moisturizing your skin is a whole nother story.

Moisturizer is something you should apply daily (preferably first thing in the morning).

By incorporating a daily moisturizer into your skincare routine, you will insure that your skin maintains a more youthful appearance down the line.

Trust me when I say you will be glad you did years down the road.

Using a moisturizer that already contains an SPF first thing in the morning is great because it helps you to keep the sun’s UV rays in check.

Seriously, nothing is as harmful to your skin’s overall health as the sun’s UV rays.

In fact, many people consider sunscreen to be the number one most important skincare ingredient available to consumers today!

Like I said, sometimes it’s the simplest methods that are the most effective.

Water and Meat Are More Important Than You Think

Here’s the truth:

Your daily lifestyle habits have a lifelong impact on your skin’s health.

Take for example drinking water.

Today more than ever before drinking non-carbonated non-sugary drinks has a lasting impact on our health.

Opting to drink water over soda or other sugar-infused beverages will do wonders for your skin’s health.

One of the reasons you could be suffering from dark circles underneath your eyes is because you are not drinking enough water.

Yes, soda contains water but it also contains a lot of other “additives” inside that are a nightmare for your health and skin down the road.

I’m not saying to give up on soda completely if you do drink it, but do cut back.

By cutting back on overly processed drinks and choosing instead to drink pure refreshing water, you allow your skin to “breathe”.

Seriously, water is that essential to your body.

As you know, over half of your body is composed of water!

Getting into the habit of drinking enough water on a frequent daily basis is just what you need in order to flush out toxins from inside your body and even underneath your skin.

One of the reasons you could be suffering from deep dark circles is due to an accumulation of toxins beneath your skin.

By incorporating water into your daily habits you can help to get rid of those toxins and for your dark circles underneath your eyes to clear up.

Over time, you may notice a drastic reduction in the appearance of your dark circles underneath your eyes.

Meat is one of the most flavorful and amazing ways you can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles under your eyes, gentlemen.

Consuming meat regularly is a proven way you can incorporate vitamin B12 and iron into your diet.

Both of which are essential for your body’s overall health and vitality.

In fact, both vitamin B12 and iron aid your body in maintaining a healthy color for your skin.

Your body needs vitamin B12 in order to produce healthy red blood cells which carry oxygen throughout the bloodstream.

Deoxygenated blood is one of the biggest factors in why dark circles appear so dark.

Stop looking and feeling tired and start incorporating a diet consisting of meat into your weekly routine.

Iron is essential for your skin’s overall health and appearance.

Your hair, skin and even nails all require iron in order to retain their youthful natural luster and brilliance.

Pale, dull skin is a common symptom of a lack of iron in your diet.

Thankfully, getting enough iron into your system is as simple as eating a healthy amount of meat on a weekly basis!

Try to incorporate meat into your diet if you don’t already and notice how the appearance of your dark circles may begin to improve.

Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol Are Two of the Most Potent Skincare Ingredients on the Market Today

If you don’t already you need to incorporate these two powerhouse ingredients into your skincare routine!

Hyaluronic acid and retinol are unbelievably useful ingredients to help you in your journey towards more youthful skin.

If I had to choose two ingredients above all others (after sunscreen) to list at the very top, hyaluronic acid and retinol would probably be it.

Seriously, the potency and lasting effects of hyaluronic acid and retinol are two of the wonders of skincare today.

In case you’re not aware, our bodies naturally contain hyaluronic acid already.

They can naturally be found in the fluid contained within our joints and even tears!

Hyaluronic acid is a wonderful ingredient to begin applying topically on top of your skin.

By applying hyaluronic acid on your skin, you aid your skin’s natural ability to retain moisture.

Here’s why that’s such great news in the fight against your dark circles.

Moisture naturally reflects light.

So by boosting your skin’s ability to retain moisture you, in turn, boost its ability to reflect light!

That means your dark circles will naturally fade in appearance and appear lighter.

It doesn’t even take much hyaluronic acid to achieve this effect.

Simply dab on a few drops of this wonder ingredient over your skin to boost its retention of water.

Doing so daily is great and should definitely be something that you incorporate into your daily skincare routine.

Now, moving on to retinol there’s a reason this ingredient is praised by so many skincare experts.

In fact, you will regularly hear retinoids (retinol is part of the retinoid family) being considered the “gold standard” in skincare today and for good reason!

Nothing on the market today can do as much as retinoids can.

Some of the many benefits of using retinol cream topically include boosting collagen production and cell turnover and even unclogging pores!

This means the wrinkles and fine lines on your skin will substantially reduce.

Even better, the discoloration of your skin will even out and your skin tone will brighten!

These are all part of the many reasons you should start using retinol cream now if you aren’t already!

The best time to use retinol cream is right before bedtime.

Retinol cream should always be used at night as it causes your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight to increase.

One tip I’d like to share with you is that you should try to find a retinol cream that already contains zinc oxide inside.

Zinc oxide is a natural UV ray protectant and acts as a great anti-inflammatory ingredient to help reduce swelling.

It’s smart to find and use a retinol cream that comes packed with zinc oxide inside.

The great news about using retinol topically is that its effects on your skin will continue to have a positive lasting effects for a long time.

With continued use, you will notice a substantial improvement to your skin’s appearance and health after 4 to 6 weeks.

People will even remark how much better your skin looks and wonder what you’ve done.

It’s absolutely incredible that you can utilize such a powerhouse ingredient without having to resort to more extreme measures to achieve flawless dark circle free skin.

Using retinol cream daily is a safe and effective method to maintain and restore your skin’s health and vitality.

In fact, many dermatologists will recommend you try using a retinol cream if you’d like to fight off a long list of skin care concerns.

It’s just that effective.

Sometimes, You Just Need a Good Night of Sleep to Get over Feeling Tired

If you look and feel tired, then why not try some good old-fashioned sleep to get over that feeling?

Seriously, it baffles me to no end how some people will resort to drinking “energy” drinks in the hopes of getting over looking and feeling tired over a good night of quality sleep.

Sleep is the best medicine to getting over and fighting off tiredness.

Sleep is one of those things that we often times ignore or even take for granted but its beneficial effects on our mood and appearance are unmistakable!

In fact, several studies have linked our overall health and happiness in life directly to the quality of sleep we obtain.

Think about that for a minute.

By simply obtaining regular frequent quality sleep you can boost your overall health and happiness in life!

If that’s not a reason to reach for your mattress, then I don’t know what is.

In fact, lack of sleep is one of the main culprits to dark circles underneath your eyes.

Your body needs sleep to maintain its overall health and vitality.

If you choose to ignore your bodies request for you to lie down, it will negatively begin to react.

One of the many negative consequences of choosing to ignore sleep is that your blood vessels will begin to deoxygenate and dilate.

Deoxygenated and dilated blood vessels appear darker in color than otherwise would be normal.

Since the skin underneath your eyes is thinner than on the rest of your body, the appearance of such blood vessels will be most apparent right under your eyes!

This is one of the reasons why people look so tired when they choose to ignore their bodies plea for them to lie down.

It gets even worse when you choose to skip getting quality sleep on a frequent regular basis.

Your body absolutely needs proper rest and dark circles are only one the many negative consequences of choosing not to do so.

It’s not enough to just sleep, you also need to ensure that the sleep you’re getting is quality sleep.

Quality is always more important than quantity and that’s especially true here.

Quality sleep means that the sleep you’re getting should be undisturbed.

It should be in an area that’s free of noise or light pollution.

The place you choose to sleep should be peaceful and quiet.

That way your body is able to restore and repair it self most efficiently.

Trust me when I say that your body, mood, and even skin will thank you for it in the morning when you wake up feeling restful and looking amazing.

All it takes is getting proper quality sleep every night and in no time at all, your dark circles will fade fast and your confidence in your appearance will improve.

Get some sleep!

You’ll be happy you did.

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