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How Should A Dental Bridge Fit Into Your Mouth?



Dental Care

How do you know if a dental bridge is the right solution for your situation? A dental bridge can serve to offer several advantages, including:

A bridge is most commonly used for tooth replacement after a surgical procedure. A bridge is made to be very similar in size and shape to the original missing tooth or teeth. The bridge then serves as a temporary substitute to replace the original missing tooth or teeth. This is usually done after the surgeon has made incisions around the existing tooth.

A bridge will also be used if one or more teeth are damaged. When one or more teeth are damaged, the bridge can be used to make up for the missing teeth. After the teeth have been replaced, the bridge is taken down.

Many bridges also work when a tooth or teeth has been lost. In some cases, the bridge will be used after the replacement of the tooth has occurred. The bridge will be created in a manner to look exactly like the original tooth or teeth. Once the original teeth have been replaced, the bridge will be removed from the mouth.

A bridge can also be used to create a smile that looks much like the original. The difference between a dental bridge and a false tooth that are attached in one place is that the bridge is actually attached at the root of the tooth or teeth.

There are many reasons why a person might need to use a bridge after tooth replacement surgery. If the surgeon decides to move the teeth that are located behind the tooth in one area, he or she may need to have a bridge built to cover the gap that results. The bridge can be made in such a way as to create a bridge that will not only protect the surrounding teeth, but that will also protect other teeth that are located behind the bridge.

If a tooth or teeth are severely damaged, the dentist may choose to remove the bridge and install a new one. This is often the most effective method of replacing a damaged tooth or teeth, because it allows a replacement to be installed that does not have any visible gaps.

Dental bridges are used in many situations. They can be used as an alternative to replacing a damaged tooth or teeth, or as a way to create the illusion that a tooth or teeth are still present. They are a cost effective method of tooth replacement.

When choosing a dental bridge for your mouth, there are several factors that you should take into consideration. The following paragraphs discuss each of these factors in greater detail.

Size: A dental bridge will usually be one of two sizes – the full bridge, and a half bridge. You will most likely want to choose a bridge that fits properly and securely.

Material: There are two basic types of bridges that are available – metal and composite. Metal bridges are made from either porcelain or metal and are more durable. Composite bridges are made from wood or other materials.

Positioning: In general, you will want to align the bridge so that it fits securely in the mouth. This means that you need to have the bridge placed at the widest part of your mouth and also in an area that will not cause discomfort or embarrassment.

Color: Bridge colors range from white, pink, silver, yellow, brown, blue, red, or gray. The most common colors are silver, white, green, gold, black, or cream. Be sure to choose the color that is right for you.

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