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What Are the Factors That Determine the Cost of a Tooth Bridge?



Dental Care

The tooth bridge cost has several components. The cost will depend on your insurance provider and the level of restoration you need. There are three types of bridge: the traditional fixed bridge, removable bridge and the implant-supported fixed bridge. These are all designed to repair a gap in your teeth and help you maintain a healthy smile.

Traditional Fixed Bridge – This type of bridge consists of a single tooth that is supported by an implant. The implant is placed behind the tooth with a metal support. A single gum bone is used to support the tooth. Most insurance providers cover this bridge; however, if you have a history of tooth loss it may not be covered.

Removable Bridge – This type of bridge is made of a piece of bone that attaches to the root of the tooth and then is connected to the adjacent teeth by means of a metal screw. An implant may be used if your insurance does not cover the fixed bridge. Removable bridges are usually not recommended because the bone may be broken while chewing or can be pulled by a person who is unable to get a stable hold on it during chewing.

Implant-Supported Bridge – In this type of bridge an implant is inserted into the jawbone that supports your new tooth. If you have lost more than one tooth there are two options for implants. You can have dentures made of gold or other metals. However, there are many people who prefer the natural appearance of real teeth rather than dentures. The other option is a removable tooth bridge that uses the gums to fill in the gaps.

The cost of a dental implant-supported bridge depends on the length of the missing teeth and how much restoration you need. For example, you may need more than one implant to fill in the space between two adjacent teeth. A single tooth may not require as much as several implants. An implant cost may also include the cost of the surgery, which is not covered by most insurance companies. The cost of your implants will vary depending on where they are located, the area where they are located and whether or not you have dentures.

The cost of the bridge also varies based on the type of implant you receive. Implants that are made of titanium are far more expensive than the traditional implant, but have no noticeable differences in appearance. Some implants are also covered by some insurance companies.

Tooth bridges have many benefits. It can help prevent permanent damage to your gums and bones and help prevent tooth decay.

The cost of a tooth bridge will depend on the length of the tooth and the size of the gap between adjacent teeth, the level of restoration needed and the extent of tooth loss. It is important to talk to your dentist for a full assessment of your needs. Your insurance provider will usually provide a written estimate of the cost.

Dental implant costs can be reduced by using a removable bridge to make up for a missing tooth. This is especially true if you are able to wear dentures. If dentures are a requirement, you will still need to find a way to pay for the implants out of pocket.

Some dentists offer a discount to their patients who agree to have their dentures replaced with dental implants. If you do this you may be able to qualify for a reduction in the cost of your dental implant cost. Talk to your dentist about this possibility.

Another option to reduce the dental implant cost is to use porcelain crowns to cover gaps in between teeth. This approach works well for individuals who are not able to keep their dentures in place or those who lose all of their teeth.

Denture and crown replacement is a procedure that many insurance companies cover but it is also possible to find a discount if you are able to keep your dentures. Talk with your dentist to learn more about the possibility of paying for dental implants. A specialist can help you determine if it is feasible to replace your dentures.

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