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5 Best Humidifier for Dry Skin



Best Humidifier for Dry Skin

Most of us always feel the dry skin and the stuffy nose when waking up in the morning.

The main cause of the dry skin is due to the decreasing moisture level in your home, so you can eliminate this problem easily by increasing the moisture level. Humidifiers are the best choice for increasing the moisture level in your home, office and even in the car too, so you can achieve the healthy skin and better-looking skin if you use the right humidifiers.

You will need this humidifier, especially in the winter time as your skin becomes drier and there are chances for wrinkles too. The humidifiers deliver greater benefits during the cold time, so now all you have to do is buy an ideal humidifier for your home to get rid of any skin problems.

Check out our top 5 rated Humidifiers for dry skin

The below list will help you to choose the best humidifier to retain the moisture level in your house.

1. Honeywell Germ-free Cool Mist Humidifiers

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These humidifiers are specially made for small sized rooms, it is enveloped with an antimicrobial treated protection filter to avoid growth of mold and bacteria, so it won’t cause any bad odor on the filter. Honeywell humidifiers use UV technology to get rid of the molds, bacteria, and fungus present in the water. There are Honeywell replacement filters within them to protect your skin from cold weather, relieve you from the scratchy throat and a dry nasal passage.

This humidifier is also provided with easy maintaining large 2 gallon tank, you can easily fill, clean the tank and it also does humidification conveniently. This device also comes with a self regulating the evaporative system to adjust the output of the device, the system helps in maximizing the output to saturation point of the air moisture. The dishwasher that attached to the humidifier is ultimately safe and break resistant.

It runs 25% quieter up to 24 hours per a single filling, as it features a quiet care technology, so you can get a peaceful, noise free night’s sleep with this product. It moisturizes your skin when you sleep and you will be able to achieve the healthy skin in the morning. Apart from the healthy skin, they are also considered to be a germ free air, the biggest drawback of this humidifier is it is not suitable for large sized rooms and the product is bulky.

2. Tao Tronics Ultrasonic Humidifiers for Bedroom

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This Tao Tronics Ultrasonic Humidifiers has the both cool and warm mist system, so on buying this humidifier, you don’t have to spend your money for a separate humidifier for different weather conditions and therefore saves your time and money, this would be the perfect humidifier for your bedroom.

Operating the humidifier is very simple, just a single press is enough to start the process. If you have too cold weather, then warm mist will give you comfort and it also suitable for sinus problems and sore throat. On the other hand, cool mist is suitable for hot weather, so if you are in a tropical region it is essential for you and for babies’ room too.

It comes with marvelous features that other humidifiers don’t have, these humidifiers are perfect for multi place usages, so you can use this humidifier any where such as modern homes, offices etc. The accurate humidity sensor that is enveloped with the humidifier provides the exact humidity level for your room. This humidifier is provided with six user friendly LED icons, and therefore the communication is made easier.

It is established with handle for easy movability and it also comes with low water smart protection. Its style and economic in size characteristics makes this humidifier suitable to use in small areas like the bedroom, study and office. With its low cost, it also eliminates the need for washing and cost of replacing filters.

3. Germ Guardian AC4825 Air Cleaning System

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This Germ Guardian AC4825 Air cleaning system is suitable for medium sized rooms, this 22 inches tall humidifier has multiple levels of cleaning system. With this feature it captures allergens and also kills bacteria and airborne viruses. The allergens are enveloped with mold spores, household dust, pollen, pet dander and 3 microns size particles. It is established with an activated carbon filter for absorbing odors from pets and cooking so it can completely destroy molds and bad odors, it also removes dust particles.

It is also established with a true HEPA filters that have been proven for capturing 99.97% airborne allergens, so it effectively filters the allergens in the air. You can get a peaceful sleep without any disturbance by using this humidifier in your bedroom, since it is built with ultra quiet operation system. On buying this humidifier you can always breathe in clean air, because the UV-C light that is enveloped with the humidifier kills all bacteria and viruses.

It comes with the filter that lasts for 6 to 8 months, you can easily identify them because of the indicator lights that are provided with the humidifier, it shows you the replacing time by blinking automatically. To save your energy cost, it features a 100 plus CADR energy efficient and it is safety certified by the Intertek Nationally Recognized testing laboratory, it also gives expected performance and durability.

4. Honeywell Quietcare Tower Humidifier

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As its name implies the Honeywell Quietcare tower humidifier, they are developed to provide the ultra quiet performance so it ensures you a calm and noise free environment in night time. This humidifier is 30% quieter than the other humidifiers currently available in the market, established with 3.5 gallon capacity and it provides the same running time of Honeywell Germ Free HCM-350.

It is suitable for people those who have sinus problems because this humidifier is established with cleaning cartridge and antimicrobial treated filters. These features of this humidifier provide clean and fresh mist, so you can breathe the clean and fresh air.

It is very easy to achieve both cleaning and filling by using this humidifier since it is provided with dual tanks and it also has a wider opening top that makes possible the easy cleaning and filling of the tanks. It is suitable for medium sized rooms and it gives perfect solution for dry eyes and itchy skin.

This product is established with 3 moisture delivery settings, so with this device, it is possible to adjust relative humidity. Not only this, it also provides greater performance if you mount this on the ceramic or non-wooden surface.

This device provides complete protection against algae, bacteria, dust, pollen, and molds. For this, the device is equipped with pre lifter and antimicrobial filter and they do give complete protection so it fulfills your all needs.

5. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier

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By using Vicks Mist Humidifier in your home, you can protect you and your family from flu, dryness and other symptoms of allergies. Because by using this device, it kills the menacing germs in the water by boiling the water so it ensures the safety against molds and water breeding organisms.

This product doesn’t cause any significant noises, so it provides a calm environment, its boiling system enables the distribution of pure steam vapor into the air so we can get a pure air because it kills the most of the bacteria and molds present in the water, it gives warm mist and is 96% bacteria free.

It is provided with a one-gallon water tank which lasts 12 hours for one filling, it’s also possible to create medicated vapor for therapeutic effect since it is provided with medicine cup. There is an auto shut off system which automatically shuts off when the tank is running out of water.

It not only has an easy setup, it also easy to clean and maintain, the warm mist which is produced from this humidifier gives protection for your skin against dryness and allergy, this makes your air optimum warm and humid.

You can control the output of this humidifier as you need since it is provided with two comforts setting so you can get your desired moisture output, this also endures you a relief from skin problems and flu symptoms.

Final Thoughts

You can eliminate many problems by installing this humidifier in your homes such as skin allergies, congestion and coughing. Suitable for home interior since it minimizes the dry air that causes peeling of wall papers, cracks in the floor and the wooden furniture and also you can maintain moisture level in your home.

Are you one of those people who suffers from dry skin? I hope you would find the best humidifier for your skin problems, I also wish to hear your thoughts on the topic from you guys. If you have any queries about these products please do ask your questions through the comment section below.

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