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What Makes A Fragrance Masculine?



What Makes A Fragrance Masculine

One disappointing thing about the perfume industry is that some manufacturers sell misleading products. Some men’s perfumes hardly smell manly at all. They lean more on the feminine side with their strong floral scents. Men aren’t as picky as women when it comes to perfumes. That’s why it’s easy for them to pick the wrong products. If you don’t want to do the wrong purchase again, spare some of your time with me. Sit back and relax because I’ll be teaching you what makes a fragrance masculine.

1. The Smell

First and foremost, the factor that makes a fragrance masculine is the smell. Usually, smells that emphasize male qualities have a deep leathery or woody scent. This leathery and woody fragrance comes strong at first then mellows down with the help of floral or creamy middle notes. Other perfumers, on the other hand, use these scents as the base note and pair it with fresh fragrances coming form lime, bergamot, lemon, and other citrus fruits.

Some perfumes also add a bit of spiciness to the combination of leathery and woody fragrance. By adding a bit of spice, perfumers make a perfume even more manly and erotic. Try adult men’s perfumes and you’ll see that most have a spicy aftereffect. Nevertheless, don’t worry because the spiciness is very faint and doesn’t hurt the nose.

The depth of smell is another factor that affects a fragrance’s masculinity. For example, the fragrance for young men tends to have a slight woody and leathery smell that’s combined with floral or fresh fragrances. Furthermore, perfumes for older men are very woody and leathery. Also, they use creamy fragrances that provide warmth and comfort to the senses.

Aside from leathery and woody smell, other fragrance combinations that make a perfume masculine are:

  • creamy and woody – symbolizes the smell of a loving father
  • leathery and spicy – symbolizes the scent of a gentleman
  • creamy, leathery, and spicy – symbolizes the scent of an outgoing man looking for a relationship
  • spicy, leathery, and fresh – symbolizes the scent of an adventurous young man

2. The Perfume Bottle

The perfume bottle also does a lot in making a fragrance masculine. Marketing is about a product’s looks. So the best way to make a perfume appealing to men is to make its perfume bottle manly. Manufacturers achieve this in different ways. Some use colors while others emphasize the shape. Nevertheless, crafty ones combine these two elements to make a very masculine perfume bottle.

A wonderful example of a perfume that looks very masculine due to the shape of its perfume bottles is Le Male. All Le Male perfumes use containers that look like a man’s torso. They come in a wide variety of styles. Some have very defined abs or shoulders. Others, in contrast, looks pretty similar to a young man’s body.

Perfumes that don’t use shaped containers utilize colors to compensate. The usual color motif of the perfume bottle for men’s perfume is blue, gray, tan, gold, green, and beige. Others are used in combination such as orange-brown, yellow-black, gray-white, and gold-orange. Here are some of the probable meanings for the colors that a perfume bottle uses.

  • Blue – represents a man’s professionalism, gentleness, and loyalty
  • Gray – represents the conservative man. this is a color that might also pertain to the neutral and balanced mindset that men have
  • Gold – represents the ambitious man. it may also pertain to success, wealth, and industry.
  • Brown – represents confidence and preparedness.
  • Green – represents a period of growth. it might also pertain to the stage of reaching absolute manhood
  • Tan – represents the sporty and outgoing man. it might also pertain to a man’s interest in finding adventure.

3. The Name

Finally, the name of the perfume also determines it’s masculinity. Take a look at various men’s perfume online and you’ll see that they have names that radiate an aura of manliness. Sauvage, Intenso, Neroli Portofino, and Aqua di Gio are some examples of the names that make you think of the male character immediately.


To know how masculine a perfume is, try to check its name and its meaning. After that, check the perfume bottle if it uses the colors that symbolize manly characters. Finally, research about the smell to see if it has depth, spice, and fragrance combination that bring out masculine qualities. The name, the perfume bottle, and the smell – these are what makes a fragrance masculine.

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1 Comment

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    October 14, 2020 at 3:48 pm

    Nice Information for masculine fragrance it should be strong and smell nice

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