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Men’s Biker Jackets – Fashion Statement



mens biker jackets

Origins of Men’s Biker Jackets

The leather jacket as prominent outerwear got its spotlight originally on the fields of World War 2. Purely manufactured for durability, warmth, and quality, it was the logical attire item for the Military and Aviation use. Bomber Jackets emerged as the First of its kind, this leather jacket style was favored for its ruggedness and protection for the aviators and military personnel and became prominent Uniformity wear.

Leather Biker Jacket Style

As the leather jacket uniformity wear was born, the leather biker jacket soon trickled out of the WWII fields. Like any trendy item of its era, men’s leather biker jacket became famous for its durability and longevity.

The leather biker jacket stunned all of its competitors when at a straw poll of the Vogue Fashion magazine office, 26 members of staff admitted that a similar version of this style is owned by them.

TIP : To get the Best Biker Looks

If you wanting to get that ultimate biker look, you should put on a white t-shirt with any 8 Eye Classic boot style and on top of that put on a Biker Jacket. This look is timeless and can become a wardrobe favorite.

Fashion Statement

The jacket successfully demonstrated the meaning of cool, becoming a wardrobe item which everyone is wanting to get their hands on. Many thanks to Marlon Brando, who wore the jacket for the early TV-Series ‘The Wild Ones’ (1953). From then on, the Biker jacket established itself as an iconic statement for Bands and Musicians competing for their place in fashion & music.

This style was followed by multiple appearances, showcasing some of the most iconic looks of Steve McQueen, The Beatles, and Elvis.

It’s the ultimate Bad Boy outerwear, the biker jacket is of a cropped leather, usually in black, fashioned with studs and asymmetric zips. Originally worn by motorcyclists, the asymmetric cut allows the biker to lean over his bike without the feeling of Zipper or fastening digging into the body.

A leather biker jacket is one of those apparels that people instantly fall in love with. It has passed through various tests from time to time and has allowed us to experiment with its shape, color, and embellishments.

The symbolism of ‘Cool’ Trends

Men’s Biker Jackets is a pure representation of Dangerous Attitude and Rebellious Nature. From the wheels of the biker to the fashionistas of the modern era, the leather biker jacket is the best addition to your wardrobe collection.

They are considered to be the “cool guy” jackets, the best part is that they get coupled with everything and can pack a punch when it comes to customization or styling the jacket. Men’s biker jackets are simple and with body fitting, with a short banded collar, Biker jacket style is by far one of the most popular leather jacket styles that has a unique and rich history behind its evolution.

What’s Unique about a Biker Jacket?

Collar –Men’s leather Biker jackets are made with a small snap tab collar, and sometimes even without a collar. This actually solves the issue to have a collar flopping in the wind when at 80mph.

Pockets –The pockets are designed to prevent belongings from falling out of pockets while riding. Some have one or two zippered pockets on the chest, some have two straight pockets along the waist of the jacket, and sometimes they don’t have any pockets.

Studs -Studs provide an intimidating look when added to the Lather Biker Jacket

Zipper –Men’s biker jackets are usually made with a high-quality and durable YKK or RiRi zipper, the last thing a racer needs is his zipper getting lose while on a cruise,

No Frills – The Biker jackets are made to be sleek and fitted out of all the types of leather jackets, they don’t have any extras weight them down.

Best Biker Jackets Caught On Film

A leather jacket on the big screen can create a fanbase of its own. Replicas of famous jackets have been popping up for decades, and many designers look to the stars for style inspiration. Check out the list below for the most iconic cafe racer jackets on film.

‘The Wild Ones’ (1953)

The mesmerizing Character of Johnny played by Marlon Brando, in the TV Series

Elvis Presley (1953)

Breathtaking performance on a live concert

Easy Rider (1969)

The action-packed Character of Whytt played by Peter Fonda, in the TV Series

Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)

Chris Pratt portrays the space adventurer character of Peter Quill AKA “Star-Lord”.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Chris Evans plays Captain America in this classic Marvel film.

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