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Sports Bra That Every Women Should Get While Exercise



Sports Bra

You wouldn’t go running in any old pair of shoes… so DON’T exercise in just any old bra, a well-fitting sports bra is an essential piece of exercise equipment.

Why do you need one?

Without a well-fitting supportive sports bra your assets will undoubtedly bounce around during exercise, as there are no muscles in your breasts. This is extremely uncomfortable and can over time cause your breasts to have less uplift. During exercise, your breast can move up to 12cm up and down, in and out and side to side. This type of movement can cause irreversible damage to your breasts caused by the effects of gravity. Once the Coopers ligaments of the breasts stretch, which is the only ligament that stops the breast from sagging, there is nothing you can do to shorten them again. I am sure no one wants to have saggy beasts for life! 60% of the movement can be reduced by a good fitting exercise bra.

Things to note

You should get professionally fitted for your sports bra to be comfortable while exercising. For both high and low impact activities it is essential that you wear a sports bra. It is recommended that you wear a sports bra for Low impact activities such as walking and stretch exercises as well as high impact running and aerobics.

Compression bra

A good fitting sports bra works by compressing the bust close to the chest maximizing hold and minimizing movement. Remember they are not designed to be pretty so they need to be full cup to encase the breast completely.

Whatever size you are we would recommend opting for maximum support, the level of support required does vary according to bra size. By wearing a compression sports bra, smaller-busted women may feel most comfortable. Against your chest, the compression bras press your breasts. A properly structured encapsulation bra – which cups each breast individually – is more likely to give good support over a compression bra is what is suggested according to researches.

With added absorbency, make sure the fabric is comfortable against your skin. With no rough edges or stitching and should not rub or cause irritation, the fabric should feel smooth against your skin. The straps should be wide to support the breasts without causing ridges on your shoulders. The straps should ideally be padded for comfort and firm in order to minimize bounce and to keep the straps in place. To avoid the pullover bra riding up but not too tight that it restricts your breathing, the bra should feel firm around your back.


From basic cotton manufacture, advances in design, not least in synthetic material, have come on leaps and bounds. Sports bras are now made up of technical fabrics such as Cool max, which is designed to wick moisture away from the skin and minimize the effects of perspiration whilst exercising. This reduces chaffing of sensitive skin and nipples and can go a long way towards avoiding or alleviating breast pain. Cool max fabric also dries five times faster than cotton. So please remember just like your everyday that your bras needs to change regularly to make sure you are constantly supported.

It is recommended you that change your sports bra after approx. 100 washes or at least every year, you need to think about replacing them when they start to lose their stretch. You will need a set of Sports bras so that you can keep exercising through your laundry cycle. The technical fabric of your bra and their elasticity will be weakening after some time during washing.  Also heat from a tumble dryer will destroy the fabric, so try to avoid drying them in the tumble dryer.

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