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Humidifier Benefits For Skin



Humidifier Benefits For Skin

Aging, muscle movement, low humidity environments, fat depletion, frequent bathing, using harsh soaps, skin exposed to the skin for more hours are some of the reasons for the skin to retain its moisture. This will lead to several skin problems like cracking, bleeding and other damages if they not treated properly.

For fewer people dry skin occurs during winter is around, this lower humidity and low-temperature level makes their skin to dry and causes wrinkles and other skin problems.

Benefits of Humidifiers for your Skin

Humidifiers are available in different size, shape, color, types, and models. You need to purchase the one that would fit your home, living room, office, bedroom or any room perfectly.

A humidifier adds moisture to the air so that your skin will remain fresh and healthy from drying. Most of the humidifiers are designed to be portable so that they can be easily transported. If you require more humidity for your entire house, then purchase a humidifier that can be attached to the furnace, so that extra moisture can be added to each of the room effectively.

A recent survey from the American Dermatology Osteopathic College suggests the right humidity level for your skin can be between 45 to 55 percent, whereas a popular health website CNN recommends the humidity level to be lower between 30 to 50 percent. Humidity can be measured with the help of hygrometer or with any thickness gauges.

According to US survey, Acne and Eczema are considered to be the two most important skin problems occurred mostly in humans when compared to other skin issues. Today let’s see how humidifiers benefit your skin by getting rid of this two main significant skin damages.

How Humidifiers benefit your skin from Acne and other related inflammations

Sebum is the major cause of the acne; the sebaceous glands secrete an oily fluid which is termed as sebum. This is one of the important sources of an element your skin needs, but when the level of the sebum increases, there are high chances for skin inflammations and acne problems.

When skin gets drying, sebum production in your body increases to prevent your skin from infections but when it increases you start getting a lot of skin issues. So in this case, a humidifier helps to maintain the accurate sebum level that your skin needs for keeping it cool, fresh and healthy.

How Humidifiers benefit your skin from Eczema

Eczema or dermatitis is the main reasons that cause itching, skin inflammations, dry, scaly skin, rashes, etc. In babies, you can find red spots on various parts of their body namely face, back, arms, chest, and legs. In adults and children, the infections can be found on ankles, wrists, elbows, neck, and back of the knees.

To get rid of this aggressive skin disease, it’s mandatory you purchase a humidifier to control the humidity levels at home, bedroom, office, etc. For eczema problems, the right humidity level you need to maintain is between 45 to 55 percent. Humidifiers come with built-in hygrometer for knowing the humidity levels.

This will increase the moisture when it gets low, and therefore your skin remains healthy and prevents you from being the victim of this dreadful bacteria, germs causing Eczema.

Final Thoughts

Humidifiers play a significant role in providing you with multiple skin benefits. Apart from that

  • start your day with a shower
  • make use of premium quality moisturizer
  • Use a gentle soap for your skin
  • Spend minimum time in shower
  • Take a bath in warm water as they help more in moisturizing your skin
  • End the day with a shower

for having a bright, healthy and attractive skin. Any ideas or queries on the topic? Feel free to share us in the comment section below.

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